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SkyWay string transport

Sky Way is an elevated transport system, in which the movement is organized on rails stretched between the supports. The speed of the rolling stock can reach 500 km / h, and its movement is controlled automatically.

Types of Transport:

Mounted and suspended

  • Speed: up to 500 km/h
  • Capacity:
    more than 500 passengers per day
  • The maximum gradient: 20%

Mounted and suspended

  • Speed: up to 150 km/hour
  • Capacity:
    more than 25 000 passengers/hour
  • The maximum gradient: 45%

Mounted and suspended

  • Speed:
    up to 150 km/hour( suspended), up to 500 km/hour (mounted)
  • Capacity:
    more than 200 ml tons/year
  • The maximum gradient: 60%

The transport is environmentally friendly: it works on electricity and reduces emissions

High level of safety: derailment and accidents are impossible

Saving resources: 2-3 times cheaper than conventional roads, 8-10 times cheaper than high-speed railways and highways

Low fares and no traffic jams on city roads

The highest speed of movement on the rails (up to 500 km / h)

Construction in remote places and seismically active zones

Why did we decide to use crowdfunding?

Most venture capital funds, large investors and monopoly-transporters perceive the new transport either as an unprofitable project, or as a competitor. That is why the western scientists produce electric vehicles, launch satellites, send tourists into space, and the Russian developments are gathering dust on the shelves, just because some officials or investors made such a decision.

Today, the portfolio of pre-orders amounts up to $ 164 billion US. Even a 5% of advance payments will pay $ 500 million of investments, past and present ones. To get these orders, we need to build a demonstration and testing facility of SkyWay technology «EcoTechnoPark” on schedule: the autumn of 2016 the first stage, and the autumn of 2017 - the second stage.

We created our own investment company SkyWay IT Solutions. In 2015, we began the capitalization of the string technologies with the help of crowdfunding (equity crowdfunding): everybody, who invests in this technology, can become the co-owner of the company and its intellectual property, owned by the company.

The plot of land near the town of Maryina Gorka , with the area of about 36 hectares, was allocated by the authorities of the Republic of Belarus (land lease agreement for 30 years with an option to renew it). On the territory of EcoTechnoPark there will be held the certification and demonstration of the technology in 3 transport market segments: freight, urban and intercity high-speed (speed up to 500 km / h).

Step by step plan:



Funding of each stage of SkyWay group of companies

Polygon construction


Construction of the demonstration (testing) site, as well as transport certification

Implementation of pre-orders


Implementation of pre-orders according to the preliminary agreements



Profiting from the implementation of the projects. Dividend payment

Payback period and your Venture Prize

According to our estimates, the payback period of the investment may be from 1.7 to 3.5 years. The venture prize, which the investors will obtain, depends on the amount of profit, which will be received by the company after it has introduced the technology to the market.

Index The optimistic option The pessimistic option
Payback period 1,7 3,5
Net cash inflow for 10 years, bln USD 98,6 4,8
Evaluation of Venture Prize from the investment 514% 73%

Crowdsale structure

Role of TokenEach SWAY token represents 1 share class "А" ERSS HOLDING. Read more
Supply2.000.000.000 (including bonuses)
For sale2.000.000.000 (No new tokens will be created)
First price$1 per token SWAY in accordance with the exchange rate of crypto-currencies at the close of ICO
Sale period07/10/2017 9:00 EST to 08/10/2017 9:00 EST
Accepted currenciesBTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, DASH
Token distribution08/11/2017 – 08/18/2017

Token Bonuses

SWAY is a token issued on Ethereum blockchain (ERC20). This will allow tokens holders to easily manage them through the default Ethereum Wallet.

The cost of the SWAY token for ICO time is fixed at $1.

SkyWay ICO has a unique bonus system that includes early, personal and collective bonuses, as well as automatic recalculation of all investments at the current exchange rate of the largest exchange Poloniex.

Early Participants Bonus Program motivates to invest in the first stages of the ICO, offering a bonus up to 40%:


Personal Bonus Program motivates participants to invest more to get more bonuses:


All bonuses are summed up.

Investors can make several transactions during ICO. Bonuses will be credited when the transaction is received. For example, you invested 10 BTC, which was equivalent to $25k and received a personal bonus of 15%. If you decide to invest 100 ETH, which is equivalent to $28k, then your total investment (10 BTC + 100 ETH) is equal to $53k and your personal bonuses will be recalculated at 20% value.

Collective Bonus Program


$ 10m. Upon reaching this milestone, all investors who have made investments before this point receive a 5% bonus on all their tokens. Achievement of this amount will allow to launch the first line of SkyWay string transport in 2018.

$ 50m. Upon reaching this milestone, all investors who have made investments before this point receive a 10% bonus on all their tokens. The achievement of this amount will allow by 2018 to launch a full-fledged SkyWay communication service in New South Wales and receive orders for $ 250m.

$ 100m. Upon reaching this milestone, all investors who have made investments before this point receive a 15% bonus on all their tokens. Achievement of this amount will allow to launch a full-fledged transport communication between 10 cities of the world, having received orders for $ 1bn by 2020.

$ 250m. Upon reaching this milestone, all investors who have made investments before this point receive a 20% bonus on all their tokens. Achievement of this amount will allow to launch a full-fledged transport communication between 50 cities of the world, and the total portfolio of orders will grow to $ 5bn - $ 15bn by 2020.

$ 500m. Upon reaching this milestone, all investors who have made investments before this moment receive a 25% bonus on all their tokens. Achievement of this amount will already by 2025 launch a full-fledged transport communication between 100 cities around the world, covering the territory of Europe and receiving orders for $ 20bn - $ 60bn.

$ 1000m. At achievement of this boundary ICO is completed early, and all investors without exception receive a bonus of 30% on all their tokens. Achievement of this amount will allow to already by 2025 launch a full-fledged communication between 300 cities of the world, covering Europe, Russia, the UAE and other regions, receiving orders for up to $ 100bn.

Thus, only the combined efforts of investors will help us achieve our goals, and investors will receive additional bonuses.

Conversion of all currencies

All investments will be recalculated every day based on the current rates of the largest exchange Poloniex. In addition, if at some point after recalculation of the exchange rate the achievement of a new line of common or collective bonuses will be recorded, this bonus will be added to the investors and will not be canceled any more.

After the completion of the ICO, all operations for receiving funds will be closed, and all received investments will be fixed at the current rate of Poloniex.

Further, within 7 days all investors will receive their SWAY tokens taking into account all bonuses and current rates of their invested currencies and tokens. All tokens that will not be sold through this ICO will be burned.

SWAY token will be presented on the largest crypto-exchanges within 1 month after the completion of the ICO. The cost of the SWAY token will increase when all new SkyWay transport lines are launched in other cities and countries.

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and profit from all the Sky Way projects

SWAY token will be displayed on the world's largest crypto exchanges within 1 month after the completion of this ICO. The cost of the SWAY token will increase during the implementation of SkyWay project!

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ICO finishes in:

There are more than 200 employees in the
of Design and Engineering company

More than 200 professionals: including 4 candidates and one Doctor of Science

Our own experimental production

Development of technical documentation for the implementation of SkyWay project

Quality control is carried out in accordance with the national, Russian, European and world quality standards

More than 10 countries have left pre-orders for the use of SkyWay technology

European Union

High-speed track

"London - Berlin - Moscow" and then to Tokyo.

$ 60 billion


High-speed track

"Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane"

$ 80 billion


High-speed track

"Moscow - Minsk - Vilnius - Kaliningrad"

$ 4 billion


Iron ore cargo track

"Mutun - Sea Port in the Pacific Ocean"

$8 billion


Iron ore cargo track

"Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City"

$ 7 billion

United Arab Emirates

Urban tracks

In the cities of Dubai and Sharjah

$ 5 billion

High profitability

The amount of direct investment in the construction of EcoTechnoPark is around 300 million USD. According to the estimations, the investors will receive from 1,000% when the company enters the world market. capitalization

Intellectual property

SkyWay Group company owns the exclusive right to Yunitkiy transport string technology . The intellectual property of SkyWay company in 2013 was estimated by the independent expertise in $ 400 billion US.

Technologies that are in high demand

Due to the low capital and operating costs, SkyWay is able to occupy of up to 50% of the transport market. SkyWay technologies are especially effective for the development of remote areas and deposits.

Lifetime dividends

By purchasing the company's shares, you become one of the owners of the world's largest transport corporation. With each implemented by the company project, you will make a profit corresponding to your number of shares.

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and get 10% bonus!

ICO finishes in:

SkyWay ICO Team

Scott Baker

Director at SkyWay Initiative, MBA, North East England Chamber of Commerce

Brad McColm

Lead Blockchain developer, Ethereum community member, founder of several Blockchain start-ups

Howard Schechter

Smart Contract Programmer, guru in Go, Rust, Solidity, Mist. Overall experience more than 15 years

Stephen Davis

Researcher, Business Analyst, Technical Consultant

Victor Kireev

Dev-ops Architect

Ruby Brown

Marketing and PR. More than 5 years worked with Netflix and Amazon AWS.

Carrol White

Head of Customer Support

Dorothy Troy

UX/UI developer, Designer

SkyWay ICO Advisors

Simon Murray

Advisor. Non-executive director of Highways Agency Board (UK, London), worked with Sir John Egan on the Government’s construction task, was a Director of Major Projects at Railtrack Plc, non-executive chairman of contractor Geoffrey Osborne Ltd

Phil Hufton

Advisor. Managing director of Network Rail (England and Wales), chief operating officer at London Underground, led the reliability programme across London Underground leading up to the 2012 Olympic Games

Next steps

After completion of ICO (or obtaining investment $1000m), will be closed all operations for receiving funds, and the investment will be recorded at the current Poloniex rate.

Next, within 7 days, all investors will receive their tokens SWAY with all the bonuses and the current rates they have invested currency and tokens.

All tokens that aren't sold through this ICO will be burned.

Within 1 month after the ICO token SWAY will be displayed on the largest crypto-exchange world, which is already being negotiated. The cost of the token SWAY will increase when you run all new lines of the SkyWay transport.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Are SWAY Tokens securities? Do they yield dividends?

Yes, Each SWAY token represents 1 share class "А" ERSS HOLDING. Read more

When do you plan entering the market?

The company is entering the market after the completion of the test construction site, this event is planned for 2017 according to the stages of the development. SkyWay IT Solutions.

When do I get the first profit?

You can get your profit from selling your shares after the company has entered the share market, or you can start earning already now, if you become our partner and develop the concept of new type of transport for the safety of people’s lives and ecology on the planet.

Will I have any benefit from my $100 investment?

SkyWay IT Solutions Limited works on the platform of crowd investment, and even the small investments are of great importance for the project. Just think: if everyone can invest even a small sum, there will be a great one as a result, and it will cover all the expenses for the formation and implementation of the technology. A nice bonus for our investors: high return of the shares regardless of their total number.

Why is a company registered in the UK?

The company SkyWay IT Solutions is registered in the UK as this is one of the best jurisdictions for investment attractiveness and reliability. The company’s charter capital is 400 billion pounds.

What if the transport companies will hinder the development of the technology?

It won’s happen, and there is a good reason for that ! We do not seek to compete with transport companies. SkyWay is the independent transport technology, which can be used by any other company when it becomes our customer.

Invest in a reliable company

company transparency

The reliability of the SkyWay shares can be easy confirmed by entering a unique international identification number based in the independent code data of securities ( or or by requesting it in the organization ISIN.

Support of the international

The author and General Designer of SkyWay technologies Anatoliy Yuinitsky led two United Nations projects, the implementation of which is a part of the project for the development and implementation of the technologies and the creation of the urban infrastructure , where the string SkyWay roads will be constructed.


The validity of the investment project is confirmed by the estimates of specialized government agencies. National Investment and Privatization Agency of the Republic of Belarus has put the project SkyWay EcoTechnoPark in the investment projects base of the country (top 10 in terms of investment volumes)

Recognition by Science

SkyWay technology has passed the expertise by the leading experts in the field of transport, such as the Expert Council under the Ministry of Transport of Russia, St. Petersburg State University of Railway Engineering, Institute of Transport Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Australian consulting (infrastructure construction) company MBMpl PTY Ltd. and others.


and we will send you the table of the discounts of all 15 stages to your e-mail


Name Description Date of download
About SkyWay Introductory material about SkyWay technology 09.12.2015 View
Memorandum of Association Euroasian Rail Skyway Systems Holding Limited 17.08.2015 View
Business plan The updated Business plan of the investment project "Creation of EcoTechnoPark – the the Center of certification, testing and improvement of the "second level" transport system by SkyWay technology 01.09.2016 View
Independent expertise Feasibility study for String system 02.07.2015 View
Development Stages of SkyWay The set of planned events and activities aimed at development of SkyWay group of companies and transport and SkyWay. Infrastructure. Revised as of 2016. 17.05.2016 View
Audit of SkyWay Technologies Co. Audit report on accounting (financial) statements of SkyWay Technologies Co. for the period from January 1, 2015 till December 31, 2015 29.09.2016 View


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